Train One on One at my Studio Gym on Auckland's North Shore!

A one on one studio gym and nutrition centre in Northcote, Auckland, operated by me, Dusan Dudas, four times Mr New Zealand Natural body builder, personal trainer & nutritionist. I specialise not only in Bodybuildi­ng but also Weight Loss; Powerlif­ting; Rehabilita­tion after injury; Alkalising Diet; Sports Coaching and Healthy Lifestyle Coaching.

I have over 40 years experience in bodybuilding and sports nutrition and have won many natural competitions in Europe, Australia and New Zealand where I was four times Mr New Zealand at the South Pacific Natural Bodybuilding Champs. Clients of all ages and in all states of health have benefitted from my personal coaching.

I specialise not only in high pH (alkalarian), vegetarian and vegan diets but also have many clients who are meat-eaters. A workout and diet programme will be tailor-made to suit your requirements whether they be just achieving improved fitness, shape and health, a healthier lifestyle or competitive bodybuilding.

Why pay Personal Trainer fees, then Nutritionist fees on top of already expensive gym fees? I do it all for a very reasonable hourly rate. As I train one person at a time in my own studio gym, you have my undivided attention for a whole hour in an environment that's free of pollution, loud music and other distractions.

In addition, I run healthy lifestyle seminars for corporates who want their staff to achieve improved health and performance.

 Contact me at  or on mobile 021 0822 5660

Remember the better you look, the better you feel - the greater your success.

Healthy Body Building - Building Healthy Bodies!



Books by Dusan Dudas

1 - Health and Modern Lifestyle (New)

2 - Naturally Amazing

See Dusan on You Tube via the Veggie Channel

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Meet the Expert

natural bodybuilding coachWelcome. My name is Dusan Dudas and this is my bodybuilding site.




Your health is your biggest asset - if you lose it, you lose everything!



I have spent over 40 years in the health and fitness industry as a trainer, nutritionist and competitor in Europe and New Zealand.  I specialise in vegan body building, vegetarian and pH diets. My latest title is - Mr New Zealand Natural - Over 50 2009 – see more about my achievements or others I’ve helped...

What our customers are saying
I know my physical appearance has dramatically changed because everyone I know can see it, people I meet are also inspired by my appearance, enough to ask me what exercise I do or sport I play? - Dana
Dusan has the ability to train not only the body but also just as importantly the mind and give his clients the tools to carry on his motivational work without his presence being required. - Richard
Dusan was always very thorough in his explanations as to how to use the equipment/weights and how perform a particular movement and why. - Merrillyne
His enthusiasm and determination for me to succeed in my goals were evident. Over a few months, he not only assisted me with my workouts but his nutritional advice was outstanding. - Helen
Dusan has equipped me with the necessary knowledge to continue my fitness training by myself with great enthusiasm for wanting to keep what I have achieved, and what I now know to keep happy, healthy and alive! - Dana body shape has changed dramatically, my energy levels have soared and my awareness about my well-being have increased beyond belief. - Richard
Over the past three months, I have seen results and feel more energetic and alive this is thanks to Dusan. - Rekha
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Meet the Expert



Read about Dusan in the Vegan Society of New Zealand magazine.


Remember - Health is your greatest asset!